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Iron Cast TV without the TV

We are living in a digital world with digital channels everywhere, and the need for a traditional TV has disappeared. Therefore, we embrace a digital TV for a digital lifestyle. Designed for the smart-phone generation; we removed all the hassles and added simplicity.

No remote. No menu. No nonsense.

With an ultra-slim aluminium back and a high contrast front, we're excited to introduce our new 55" UHD television. Solid and sharp like a rock, we reimagined what a TV needs to be and welded it by danish design principles.

This TV has everything you need, to start streaming your favourite content, from your favourite devices.

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"TV of the future..."

"So simple, that it is brilliant... "
- Alt om Data Magazine

"Here is the TV that many wished for!"
- Recordere Magazine

"...will make your TV experience much easier."
- Idenyt Magazine

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" elegant!"

"I was looking for a TV like this... "
- Faisal Mansur

"I'm game"
- Bogar Mordin File

"...extremely interesting"
- Tim Lind

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Art without complexity

Our digital frame is this ultra-slim, ultra-resolution, 55" vertical-screen, with a unique anti-glare and perfect contrast definition, for optimal fan art appreciation and experience.

Fans, enthusiasts, devotees, aficionados, admirers and connoisseurs of digital art. This is your art frame, made for all of us with a deep adventurious soul and a hunger for immersive storytelling, through captivating and engaging artworks.

Created with a single purpose: to exhibit our ever expanding library of fan art, on any wall at home. Our aim is to create a magical and highly selective atmosphere, for all us art and gadget lovers. Simply select a desired art stream in the Moodjii Art app and let the experience unfold in your home.

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It's your choice

Browse and select any stream, for any wall. It’s your choice within our ever expanding selection of fan art or your own private selection.

Simply activate a stream, and let the story unfold on your art frame. Each stream will change every day, letting you explore and discover new artworks.

Now, you can enjoy a private exhibit every morning.

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Our digital art frame is available in three different aluminium colors.

With your choice between Indulged Black, Rosina Gold or Bifrost Silver, our color-range offer a selective and a unique design choice for any home.

Indulged Black has a classic deep, rich and mat aluminium surface.

Rosina Gold is the perfect balance between gold and rose, a beautiful aluminium glow for any lively room.

Bifrost Silver has a subtle rainbow effect, that will illuminate any room with more than aesthetic.

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